I have started this blog because so many of my colleagues, students, and Caring Science, Mindful Practice MOOC graduates have wanted to create an ongoing space where those of us involved in this work have a place to touch base once in a while…to feel an ongoing connection with caring colleagues across the globe. Caring work is important and gratifying, but it can also be tough and lonely because of the callousness and un-caring we often witness. This blog will be a refuge where I will offer tips and observations related to self-care, mindfulness, and Caring Science principles. Comments are welcomed and encouraged but not required. I do not shy away from difficult questions and I find joy in every dialogue because connecting and communicating are the two things that will nudge this work forward towards the light of understanding and transformation.

Please know that I am here, holding the space and sending love and light to all who do this work.

(*The image above this post is from the following open source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1405670)

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