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Flyer for download and distribution


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The “Caring Science, Mindful Practice” Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is offered twice a year (in January and September). The next time the course begins is in September 2019. It is free and open to anyone who has access to the Internet. It goes over 4 weeks and is roughly the equivalent of 0.5 academic credit. I will send a certificate of completion to each person who completes 80% of the course requirements. Each week, for 4 weeks, there are a few brief readings, a brief video presentation and PPT, and two Discussion Board Postings required. There is also a textbook available that is meant to accompany the course. The textbook is available as an e-book or print copy and can be obtained at all the major book sellers. The title is “Caring Science, Mindful Practice: Implementing Jean Watson’s Human Caring Theory 2nd Edition” (2018) by Kathy Sitzman and Jean Watson—Springer Publishing Company. You will be able to complete the course without the book, however the book will deepen your understanding of the concepts presented in the course and for this reason I recommend obtaining it if possible.

There are no required “meeting” times for this course. Each participant is asked to follow the course calendar in terms of due dates but otherwise participants may log in and review the materials each week when they can fit it into their schedule. They are also asked to participate in asynchronous discussion boards during the time blocks indicated on the course calendar but there are no specific meeting times due to the broad range of time zones that students in the course typically come from. There is a lot of asynchronous interaction between course instructors and participants. It’s a lot of fun—people from all over the world share their thoughts about caring in their lives and work. I hope you and your colleagues will join us for this course—it is very inspiring and energizing. The atmosphere is supportive of self-care and personal renewal.

It is easy to sign up—just go to this link and enroll by providing your name and e-mail address:

Alternatively, you can sign up at and use the following join code: XN8J7X 

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The course is free and open to anyone with Internet access so you will not be asked to pay to take the course. You will be able to purchase 20 Continuing Education Units (CEUS) from Watson Caring Science Institute for the cost of $40.00 after you successfully complete the course, but this NOT a requirement.

After you register for the course, write the start date on your calendar so you remember to join us when the session begins.

If you have any further questions, please let me know. I am happy to help:

COURSE DATES: This course is offered twice a year during the months of September and January. Please CLICK HERE to register and use the following join code: XN8J7X

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Book: Caring Science, Mindful Practice If you cannot afford to purchase the book or do not have access to ordering the book, you will still be able to complete the course by carefully studying the materials provided in the course.