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Zentangle Method

I am a Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT). I love teaching the Zentangle method to clients, colleagues, and students as a form of self-care. Tangling the Zentangle way is a powerful stress reducer and helps create a calm and focused mind. Anyone can make beautiful art using the Zentangle method. It is a fun, relaxing, deeply satisfying pursuit and I recommend it to everyone I meet who is looking for ways to engage in self-care, become more focused, and to experience the wonderful joy of creating beautiful art (*YES! ANYONE CAN DO THIS! ANYONE!)

I will be continually adding my own Zentangle and Zentangle-Inspired-Art (ZIA) images to this page so that you can see some examples of what can be done using this method by someone who has never been trained in any method of art except Zentangle.

Here is the link to the Zentangle Website if you want to learn more about this wonderful self-care activity: www.