EVERYBODY makes mistakes!

Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody. Watson’s Caritas Process 1 (Sustaining humanistic-altruistic values by practicing lovingkindness, compassion, and equanimity with self and others) challenges us to recognize that every single human being (including our self) is made up of a mind boggling mix of brilliance and darkness, strength and fragility, kindness and callousness, hope and despair. In recognizing and verbalizing our shared (and flawed) humanity, we are empowered to genuinely love and accept ourselves and others despite foibles and mistakes.

If we judge our self and withhold love for mistakes and frailties, then we will reflexively do the same to others without even being aware of it. In learning to forgive and love ourselves, we will also learn to forgive and love others. You cannot give to others what you do not first give to yourself.

When I Keep this at the forefront of my thoughts, it helps me extend kindness to everyone--including me. Forgive and move forward...forgive and move forward...that's one of the many constant rhythms of my daily life.